Sunday, January 13, 2008

WC: Best Movies 2007

A little late, here are my favorite movies that I saw in 2007. (They didn’t all come out in 2007.)

Best movies I saw for the first time in 2007 (alphabetical order):

  • Across the Universe: I saw this twice and loved it both times. I always enjoy Julie Taymor’s unique vision and creativity, and I even “enjoyed” Titus (it was too violent to enjoy without the quote marks). The cast of Across the Universe was lovely, the songs were wonderful (duh), the cameos were very effective (particularly Bono's), and there was even a lesbian character, which always gets extra points in my book.
  • Breach: Fascinating, involving, with an excellent performance by Chris Cooper (another duh).
  • (small spoilers in this next one) Children of Men: I know a lot of people didn’t like this, but I thought it presented a chilling vision of a dystopic future. It had genuine surprises in it, and I thought the scene of the woman walking through the soldiers holding her baby was beautiful. And that the scene ended with the soldiers going right back to killing was heart-breaking.
  • Hairspray: fun, fun, fun. And I even enjoyed John Travolta’s performance (I know, I’m the only one).
  • Jindabyne: fascinating version of Raymond Carver’s famous short story where some men discover a dead body while fishing and choose to finish their fishing trip before reporting the discovery. With an excellent performance by Laura Linney (duh #3).
  • Little Children: very effective take on suburbia and the long distance between who people wish they were and who they really are. It had two of the most effectively devastating scenes I’ve ever seen.
  • The Lives of Others: This story of an East German Stasi bureaucrat is a beautiful, quiet depiction of grace in a time of horror.
  • Simpsons Movie: fabulous fun. My favorite moment of any movie all year was when Bart sees a “wanted” poster for his family; scribbles all over it to disguise them; and immediately a family comes in who looks exactly like the family and gets arrested. I think Salvadore Dali would have enjoyed that scene.
  • Stardust: a lovely fantasy film that didn’tget the attention it deserved. Michele Pfeiffer had a great turn in it as a witch, and Claire Danes was lovely.
  • Sweeney Todd: wonderful, beautiful, horrible, funny, sad, disgusting, involving, exhausting―all the things a good Sweeney should be.
  • Talk to Me: Despite its overdone moments, this true story of an ex-con DJ and his influence in the Civil Rights era is a must-see. Don Cheadle is superb in it (duh #4).
  • Waitress: This story of a waitress and her loves and dreams is a delight to watch but sad to think about as its writer/director was murdered before it was released (and not far from where I live).

Films I saw again in 2007 and loved all over again.

  • Galaxy Quest: funny and sweet tale of a Star Trek-like cast mistaken for actual heros.
  • LA Story: funny and sweet story of Steve Martin’s love for L.A. and for the gorgeous Victoria Tennant.
  • The Mother: this English film is one of those movies that makes me very depressed about American film-making. Where The Mother deals with the weirdnesses of family and sex in a compassionate, adult manner, Hollywood would probably make it prurient and embarrassing.
  • Out of Sight: My favorite caper film of the past many years. George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez have wonderful chemistry, and it’s funny. I think it’s the last Steven Soderburgh film I actually liked.
  • You Can Count on Me: One of my all-time favorite movies, this story of a single mom and her relationship with her brother is a gentle look at how we mess up and love each other anyway. Mark Ruffalo and Laura Linney are wonderful (duh #5).

For all a list of all the movies I saw in 2007, see comments.

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The Write Bunch said...

WC: All the films I saw in 2007. Please forgive the fact that the alphabetization puts movies that begin with "A" and "The" under "a" and "t"--I used MSWord to alphabetize.

A Fine Madness
Across the Universe (x2)
After the Sunset
All About My Mother
All Passion Spent
Between Two Women
Bleak House
Bourne Identity
Breaking and Entering
Calling Bulldog Drummond
Children of Men
Conversations With Other Women
Darjeeling Limited
Devil With a Blue Dress
Even Money
Galaxy Quest
Heading South
His Kind of Woman
Introducing the Dwights
Jesus Camp
LA Story
Little Children
Live Free or Die Hard
Michael Clayton
Out of Sight
Outrageous Fortune
Paris, Je T’Aime
Red-Headed Woman
Romance & Cigarettes
Room at the Top
Silent Partner
Simpsons Movie
Stage Door
Sweeney Todd
Talk to Me
The Asphalt Jungle
The Little Foxes
The Lives of Others
The Lodger (silent)
The Mother
The Naked Jungle
The Painted Veil
The Piano Teacher
The Quiet
The Swindle
The Tall Target
This Film Not Rated
Torrid Zone
Two Days in Paris
Under the Sand
Virgin Suicides
Waterloo Bridge (1932)
Woman on the Run
You Can Count on Me