Tuesday, January 1, 2008

DW: Almost, Continued

We were glad we went to visit my family on Christmas Day. As it turned out, the traffic wasn't as terrible as usual, the food was great, and it was nice seeing my family. 

I must admit that I am looking forward to getting back to my desk tomorrow. I've been out of the office long enough, eaten way too many carbs, and it will be nice to feel productive again. The close of one year and the beginning of a new one is always a poignant moment for me. Things are changing in my family, my business, and in my own personal life. I guess that's something to be grateful for even if some of the changes make me feel anxious.  

I've been thinking about Colette and something she said, ie, "two habits keep me from crying: concealing my thoughts and applying mascara." My own current version of this would be "two habits keep me from entering into open conflict with friends and family: deciding that my thoughts and opinions are not that important or relevant, and subsequently discussing their importance and relevance at length with my therapist."

Happy new year.

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