Thursday, January 3, 2008

HC: The party---and the holiday---is over...

How do you view a calendar year? I've always seen the months as calendar pages, one on top of the other vertically, with January at the top. So it was a climb to get to January I guess, because December is a busy, hectic month.

I've really enjoyed reading my fellow bloggers views on holidays and resolutions. Although New Year's Eve partying means nothing to me, the start of a new year does feel exactly like that: a start...a new start (as opposed to an old start?).

First of all I get a new calendar. Instead of looking at last year's MC Escher prints or Dr. Seuss drawings (my two favorite artists), I'm looking at a black and white photo of an orange kitten (he's so orange that I can see it even in black and white) standing next to a flower in a glass vase. My daughter gave me this calendar for Christmas, because we both love cats. The day boxes are clean and fresh and inviting. In my head I know I'm seeing The 39 Steps tomorrow night, having brunch with the Aronow/Grange family on Sunday, having lunch with Debra on Tuesday, etc, but I leave this calendar, in my office, empty and clean. The family calendar in the kitchen is so full of stuff already that it's a little claustrophobic. Let my own personal calendar, that I look at everyday, be open and ready for anything. Let me be open and ready for anything!

Yes, I do have a resolution for 2008: to use my treadmill at least 4 times a week. I don't want diabetes. I don't want more flab. I've embraced my current flab, but it's enough. I don't fool myself that I can suddenly drop 10 pounds, but I'm determined not to gain another ounce. No other resolutions for me. I like my work. I treasure my free time. I look forward to watching another episode of Jericho on DVD with my kids; I look forward to my evening DVD (thank you NetFlix!) with my husband. Life is truly, miraculously kind, gentle, warm, satisfying.

Thank you, Mira, for teaching me how to crochet granny square blankets. I love it. Simply love it. I love the feel of the yarn, the colors, seeing something made from nothing. I guess if I have to be addicted to something, crocheting is better than heroin.

What will 2008 bring? How's about peace for everyone? Wouldn't that be nice? My sister once said the world would be a much better place simply if no one was rude. Isn't it rude to steal? Rude to murder? Rude to bomb another country because they don't believe what you believe? Rude to rape the planet for profit? Rude to distrust someone because their skin is a different color, or they speak a different language? HEY, let's all play nice in 2008!

Rodney talked about slogans, etc. I have some for this rhyming year:

Life is great in '08!
Don't take the bait in '08!
Make a peace date for '08!
Be master of your own fate in '08!

Here's a very simple one: Don't hate in '08.

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mira said...

You're so welcome...sit still long enough and I might teach you to knit too! Looking forward to seeing you soon...need to start the New Year off right! Hugs to all and two to you.