Sunday, January 20, 2008

AV: Recycling Christmas

Well, it's finally over. Christmas, I mean. I suppose you all had that clue by now, but at our house, that great icon of the season -- the Christmas tree -- was still up. I mean, really, what was the worst that could happen? Dropping newsprint? Twine dust? It was already dry, being made out of newspaper and all.

So why do I bother telling the (admittedly small circle of the) world about it? Because!

I'm terribly proud of the fact that the only thing we threw away out of the whole thing were three big dried sycamore leaves that I'd spray painted red.

"But Andrea," you ask, "whatever happened to the rest of it?!?"

I'm so glad you asked.

The ornaments went into their well worn little boxes wrapped in tissue and bits of paper for next year. The shims were saved for an art project Aida has in mind. The lights have been boxed as well for next year (except we're trying to decide where to put up the little paper lantern lights).

The newspaper was recycled. The twine and yarn went into the birdcage for Aida's little caged finches to use for their little basket house nests (they just love this stuff!). And the sycamore and eucalyptus leaves, pine fronds, and twigs, berries, etc were stirred with gusto into the compost bin.

The tripod and wreath wrings are safely stored in the garage waiting for next year's creation.

I can't wait.

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