Monday, January 14, 2008

DW: The L-Word Revisited

I’ve been a fan of “The L Word” since its debut on Showtime. The first few seasons were fun and I wish that The Planet was in my Montclair neighborhood. Their new season debuted last week and was rather disappointing. After watching last night’s episode, I’m beginning to wonder if they’ve hired two straight men with too much time on their hands to come up with story ideas.

Here’s what they served up:

Shane makes an emergency house call to do hair and make-up for a bridal party, and ends up fucking two bridesmaids, the mother of the bride, and restrains herself from diddling with the bride (who invited the diddling). The bridal party is so besotted with her that she has to run half-naked from the wedding reception (after being busted with the mother of the bride) with the girls in frilly dresses running in their Manolo’s screaming, “Shaaaaaaaaannnne…wait, don’t leave!”

Helena is in jail and they have the requisite shower scene where—yup, she drops the soap, and incurs the wrath of a knife wielding inmate. Her macho cell mate Dusty comes to her rescue, and they later proceed to have rip-roaring sex in their jail cell, which gets even hotter when Helena learns that Dusty is in jail for tax fraud, not 1st degree murder as Helena had earlier assumed.

I still have affection for the ladies, but mainly for Alice, who seems authentic and interesting and like a real person you’d want to hang out with. Marlee Matlin has been a good addition, and the Cybill Sheppherd character has provided some laughs.

If all of this weren’t enough, Jenny is now a best-selling author who will not only write, but will also direct the movie version of her novel. She has just hired one of her chick-lit fans to be her new assistant, who has “abuse me” in an 18 point font written across her forehead.

If there is any justice, in 12 weeks Jenny will be kidnapped by terrorists and made to assume a Scherezhade-like role to a chubby Saudi prince in order to stay alive.


Writers' Bloc said...

Funny last paragraph, even if it is a tad chubby-ist.

Yes, the L Word is a frequent disappointment. If only it were as good as The Wire!

craftoki said...

Although it's my favorite (only) lesbian soap opera, it's been gruesome so far this year. Even I can't defend it and I've been doing so for a few years now. I am ever hopeful, however, that the show will "find it's voice" soon....

And as to the Wire - now this show sets the standard for excellence. I cannot praise it enough. It hits home so passionately and realistically that it makes my teeth hurt.

The Write Bunch said...

OMG! But I LOVE Lucia Rijker! This is an extra special treat, I must say. And ya gotta like the special campiness of Cybil Shepherd.

That said, I hope the writers develop a storyline about alien abduction featuring Jenny. Oh, and her little dog too ...