Tuesday, February 5, 2008

WC: Keeping My Fingers Crossed

Well, I did it. I voted against a woman for president--a woman with a legitimate chance of winning--not something I ever thought I'd do in my life.

Do I feel good about my decision? No.

Would I feel good if I had voted for Hillary? No.

And if I had had the chance to vote for John Edwards, would I feel good about that? Better than I feel now--I thought he was our best option. But then I would have voted against a woman and against an African-American, which would have been quite odd for this committed bleeding heart liberal.

Whoever gets the Democratic nomination, may he or she win. May he or she nominate liberal Supreme Court justices. (And may a conservative justice or two or three retire or die or be stolen by aliens.) May he or she manage to improve health care, get us gracefully and morally out of Iraq (which is way more complicated than just leaving), restore our international image, help heal our deathly ill economy, and fight global warming.

Wow, we don't need a president. We need a superhero!

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