Wednesday, February 6, 2008

AV: Sunday and Tuesday

Yeah, I voted too. What a ride, huh??

But before we go there, I'd like to give RS a big air kiss for seeing a show that he obviously loved. I'm so happy for you! AND, I want to share with all (six) of you one of my favorite things: The Museum of Bad Art. Why? Why did I think of it?

Because one of the first pieces is a marvelously awful painting titled: Sunday on the Pot with George. It never fails to delight me.

See for yourself.

And please take the time to peruse the site. Read the commentary. Agree, disagree, opine, it matters not. Bad Art is Bad Art and shall not be denied!!

I held on to my mail-in ballot until about noon yesterday when I marked it in a frenzy, put it in its tidy yellow envelope, licked the (awful!) glue side and affixed it shut. Then Aida and I took our votes to the nearest polling place and deposited them in exchange for the coveted "I Voted" sticker.

I voted for Barack Obama. But could have easily voted for Hillary Clinton. Either way, sports fans, this is a most excellent problem to have.

As Senator Clinton noted (kind of) in the most recent debate, our next President is going to be either a woman or a black man.

Of course, if South Carolina taught me anything, it's that this thing is ours to lose and, crap, that could happen.

More later on why I voted the way I did, but suffice it to say it was the most conflicted I have ever been about any vote ever ever ever.


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The Write Bunch said...

HC: Ohmygosh I LOVE these bad paintings! Thanks, AV, for sharing.