Tuesday, February 5, 2008

RS: Getting the Big O

Like my good friend, WC, I voted today. But I voted for someone. It hurt that I couldn't pull the lever for Dennis Kucinich. But I didn't make a choice between the lesser of two evils. I chose who I consider the only hopeful. Hope that our country can make some much needed changes. Hopeful because we have a woman or a black man poised to lead a nation with a disgraceful history in its treatment of the groups they personify. And hopeful because it heralds the ever nearing departure of a confederacy of dunces. To me, he is far better than ending up with a wacko (Huckabee), a shape shifter (Romney), an unapologetic Bush-kisser, or a vacant, soulless Fembot (guess who?). And thank you Jesus and Florida for the humiliating crash and burn of Guiliani. Mostly, I pulled that lever for President Obama today, because I think he has the best chance of winning in the general election. He may not solve all the problems of this country. He may not solve any of them. But I hope--and almost believe--that the world will be the better for his winning. I am willing to bet on it, and I'm willing to be wrong.

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And to think you were born in Missouri! - sis