Tuesday, February 5, 2008

HC: Yes, I Voted, too...

...but first of all let me say that I love this blog. I love that Entourage and Sunday in the Park with George get as much weight as the presidential primary.

I, too, voted for Barak Obama. I'm so not into politics it's not funny, but I did watch one debate. I liked what Clinton said more than what Obama said. However, I don't believe Clinton's smile. She seems plastic-y and hard and somehow inhuman. I just can't vote for someone whose smile I don't believe. Do I love Obama? No. Do I have high hopes for him? Yes.

Also, I have a husband, two kids, a house, two cars, and all those grown-up things, but I've never felt more Grown-Up than when I've pushed a lever for a potential president. This is important stuff! My little opinion/decision means something. That's pretty cool, isn't it? What do I want from our next president? Fairness. To me that means NOT telling people what to do with their bodies. NOT telling people whom they can't marry. NOT invading other countries just because they might have something we have but don't want them to have. I want a president who really believes in the freedom associated with America. I want freedom for everyone. I want people to be able to keep and pay for their houses. I want good health care for everyone.

Enough. I'm not a soap box kinda gal. I hope Obama wins. I hope he paves the way for more "others," by which I mean "No More Old White Men," including women, gays, Jewish people, transexuals, and even foreigners. I really really hope Obama makes me NOT feel bad about being American.

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