Monday, February 4, 2008

DW: I'm Hooked on Entourage

So here's how it happened: my husband and I were lounging around at 10:30 am on Saturday, and I casually said that I wanted to check out if we could watch the HBO-series "Entourage" via our Comcast "On-Demand" feature. Yes, we could.

For the next several hours we watched Vince, Eric, Drama, Turtle, and Ari Gold deal with the quest for fame and fortune in Hollywood. Aside from this show cranking out one fabulous script after another, I just love the whole idea of manifesting your destiny with your tribe in tow.  Before I got married to my husband, I was "married" to my friends, and can easily imagine living in a group situation, waking up to a kitchen filled with my favorite people in the world.

Anyway, we watched 6 episodes in a row, left the house to do errands, went to the office, came home, ate dinner, then watched the rest of the on-demand library until 11 pm. I thought the entire third season was available, but it wasn't. So at 11:30, we jumped in the car an went to the local video store to get a portion of a third season, the last third as it were.

As you can imagine, I've revised our Netflix queue with all of the past seasons. I feel like I know these guys, and that they should be joining us for Passover. Jeremy Piven is simply wonderful, and I can completely relate to how he was unable to stop thinking about work, even on Yom Kippur.  

It's so much fun to have a new obsession!!!

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