Friday, December 28, 2007

AV: The First One Is Free

First things first: Merry and Happy delights of the season and un Prospero Ano Nuevo a todos!

Second, I've not been keeping up with my Every Friday committment here on the blog pages. I've noticed that some of the others have been busy too, so my thanks to those who have continued to keep us informed and have given me things to think about in the meanwhile.

Third, this is what I've been up to (among other things, such as awaiting the arrival of Aida's first grandchild...).

I'll preface it to say that it's all Nina's fault. Oh, and Aida's, but you probably would have guessed that anyway. Nina arrived a couple of months ago bearing two issues of
Readymade magazine, a periodical all about and for the Do It Yourself-er (DIY). And it's the crack of magazines. Honestly. Check it out. In fact, Aida and I both bought each other the Readymade book for Christmas. We'll keep one and give the extra to Nina. She deserves it.

So, that said, here's our Christmas tree, made from florist's weath rings, a 6' tripod, newpaper, green twine, and lots of fun decorations stuff.

Step One:
Drop the wreath rings (in successive diameters) over the tripod and begin to tie rolled up newspapers to them.
Helpful Hint: Keep the roll of twine in your front left pocket and the scissors in your right rear pocket. This makes for an easy peasy "search and snip" operation in the length that's needed.
Step Two:
Tie more rolled up newspaper sections to the other sections until the gaps between the wreath rings are connected (no gaps). You'll want to overlap the ends of each section to the middle of the sections below. Use yarn when you run out of twine. It helps to have a similar color available
Step Three:
Decorate the thing! Yes, you can use lights (but not if they're the get-kinda-hot sort. This is paper, after all.) We used our favorite decorations, big leaves from a park (some were spraypainted red), shims, art paper, eucalyptus sprays from the yard, sticks and branches, etc.
Be creative!

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