Monday, October 22, 2007

HC: New Hope, PA

I'm hardly reporting from the front lines of World War I or anything, but I'm coming to you, live, straight from New Hope, Pennsylvania, sitting in a deep wicker chair on the 2nd floor of a bed and breakfast in called Porches. It may be October 22, but it sure feels like August. If I can get past my fear of global warming, it's an incredibly beautiful day.

The husb and I are celebrating our 18th wedding anniversary with this little get away. Friends had recommended this place, it's only a few hours drive away, so here we are. The house is right alongside the Tow Path, and there's a breeze, a huge tree to my left covered in ivy vines. Our bedroom is tiny and perfect, painted blue and yellow, cozy, comfortable, and I'll soon be napping on the big bed.

What would our lives be like if we all had more free time, more relaxation? And I can hear that nasty person who commented on Rodney's Young Frankenstein post: "Why did you bother going away to a bed and breakfast if you're sitting and typing on your laptop!" Unfortunately I can always hear nasty people, even when they're not actually speaking.

This place is stunning and I feel like I'm in New Orleans or someplace. The house feels very southern, romantic, old. Where's my mint julep? Instead I have my half cafe tall Starbucks latte and a piece of lemon poundcake. If I could spend a week here, without my laptop, without my two books (Julia Alvarez's Saving the World and Steven Colbert's I am America...and So Can You), without my crocheting, would my head explode from the relaxation? I'd certainly like to try.

Whenever I go anywhere I take me with me. Books (usually a fiction and a nonfiction), stitchery, a notebook. I overpack. Maybe that's all okay? Maybe you do take you wherever you go, and you're supposed to.

The breeze is rustling the leaves of all the trees surrounding the house. It would be almost too lush and sensual here in the real summer. I might turn into Blanche duBois or one of Scarlet's younger sisters.

The train that runs alongside the Tow Path is going by, ringing its bell. If this were Somewhere in Time or another time travel story, I would've just been transported back to 1890. This house was built in 1815, and was originally a grain storehouse. Hard to believe, but the hostess told me so and I believe her.

There's a weird store just minutes away with Halloween costumes, Dale Evans lunchboxes, used clothes, and blow-up sex dolls. Lots of items from The Nightmare Before Christmas...which reminds me, I can't wait to see it in 3D!! Love that film...

At the restaurant where we had lunch, The Landing, their were two female ducks walking around. We were outside, thankfully, looking at the Delaware River and a bridge. The ducks have a good gig there, begging for bread and being so cute that they get it. I wondered if they are ever full, if they'd ever stop begging. My husband tells me that an old dog of his once ate a box of Valentine Day's candy, threw it up, and then ate some of that! Yuck!

So, this wasn't an earth-shaking blog entry, and I really didn't proof it enough, and the whole point of the blog was realizing that I'm not sure I'm very good at just sitting and relaxing and letting go. But I'm going to try now. Really. I am. Right now...

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mira said...

Congratulations! 18, that's wonderful. So glad you got to spend it in such a lovely sounding locale.