Wednesday, October 17, 2007

HC: Genes

Everytime I log onto MSN I see the headline, "Is there a gay gene?"

I assume if scientists are looking for a gay gene, someone somewhere will decide to try to "fix" it. Some parents might decide to abort their limp-wristed or flannel-shirt wearing fetus.

However, the gay world has given us, or I should say, ME, things I love and adore:

Oscar Wilde = The Importance of Being Ernest.
Noel Coward = the song London Pride and the movie Brief Encounter.
Stephen Sondheim = A Little Night Music and Follies.
Cole Porter = Anything Goes and many other shows and songs.
Ellen deGeneres = Finding Nemo and hosting award shows.
The music teacher at our school who has changed so many kids lives for the better.
Friends, neighbors, and family members who have been nothing but supportive, intelligent, loving, and funny!

I know there are a lot of wonderful homosexuals in politics, sports, etc, but I'm a show biz fan.

I have no desire for anyone to find out if there is indeed a gay gene. I absolutely don't want any gene "fixed," unless it leads to a cure for cancer or another horrible disease.

I think the much more important question is "Is there a stupid gene?" Stupid people make the world more, well, stupid. Stupid people talk on cell phones at the theater. Stupid people write "US" magazine. They care about things like finding "a gay gene." Stupid people do definitely need to be fixed.

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David Lynch said...

You know, I hope I don't sound like I've got the "stupid" gene for saying this, but I think that the whole "gay gene" thing was insisted upon by a few gays who felt that they could be better justified in their lifestyles, if somehow it could be "proven" that they were "born that way". These are people who are not happy being gay, I believe, and want to at least try to explain it somehow.

Meanwhile, in my opinion, having a genetic tendency towards something doesn't validate or invalidate the behavior itself. Like you say, if they do find a gay gene, so many people will be lining up to locate the "cure".... worthless waste of time, when instead they should find a cure for people who don't know how to live and let live.

hi to Holly, and to Wendy, who probably doesn't remember me tagging along with her and Holly to Greenwich Village a couple times oh so many years ago.....