Monday, July 7, 2008

HC: No Fireworks This Year

On July 1 I was in Victoria, Canada. Turns out July 1 is Canada Day! Who knew? I bet lots of people knew, but not me. We signed on for an orca watch followed by fireworks viewed from the boat out in the harbor. However...on the return trip after orca watching I've never been more nauseated in my life from the motion of the boat and the diesel fumes. I kept my head down, eyes closed, and knew if I moved my head I would just die.

I was so sick on the boat that I didn't notice that three of the other people in our party of six were also really queasy. When the boat docked, we escaped. Only the hardy non-nauseous 16-year-old boy stayed, alone, for the fireworks. As I fell into bed, not even daring to brush my teeth--after being guided from the water to the hotel by my lovely daughter, only occasionally opening my eyes and seeing my feet moving on the Canadian cement--I heard the fireworks outside my window. I'm sure they were great.

On Whidbey Island off Seattle, fireworks went on display on July 3. By the time they started, I was in bed, exhausted from a long day in Victoria, followed by an hour and a half ferry ride, an hour car ride, a 20-minute ferry ride, and another car ride.

I wasn't home to see any New York fireworks for the actual July 4 festivities. I was having a quiet, peaceful day on Whidbey with my cousins.

I didn't miss the fireworks...I was too busy visiting newly found beloved relatives, having a great time in another country, relaxing, etc.

It struck me as appropriate, too, as my patriotism at this moment is on hold. Next year I hope to be cheering the fireworks and waving my Obama flag.

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sezhoo said...

AV: Different for me this year. I actually grilled and then Aida and I watched the fireworks visible on the horizon from our backyard.
My patriotism? Not exactly on hold, but definitely guarded.

I'm so glad you had such a warmly delightful day/evening connecting with family. That seems to me just about the perfect thing.