Sunday, July 13, 2008

AV: Mongols

Seems that the 4:30pm Friday showing at the local multiplex isn't quite the matinee anymore. It cost me $10.50 to watch a couple of hours of men behaving badly. And then, disatisfied with the ending (which I won't spoil for anyone who's gonna go see this movie), I spent an hour or so on Wikipedia looking up Genghis Khan.

Did you know he supposedly had red hair and green eyes? Either that, or his dad did. Something about the "sparkling ancestor." Geez, I can barely manage metaphor in my daily life when I'm looking for it. I certainly can't negotiate it in what's supposed to be a history lesson.

These days I'm much too literal.

That said, the landscape and the story (for what it was) was beautiful and entertaining (respectively).

Tonight I'm sitting in the chair next to the bed again and Aida is sleeping deeply an arms length away from me. Today she had her radiosurgery treatment. This was after she had a haircut and before we went to the wedding of her niece Marcy to her fiance Jeremy.

Beauty, blessings, and an open bar.
We left early.

More later, my friends. Here's hoping you all make the matinee of your choice.

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