Monday, May 19, 2008

WC: More on the California Ruling

Andrea: Please don't misunderstand. Of course it's thrilling.

But an equality ruling can be too early if it sets off a backlash.

Some pundits seem to think this one won't. And how can you entice the right to the polls with an anti-gay-marriage proposition if your state already has one, as so many do?

But it really is possible that, without the anti-gay-marriage propositions to vote for in 2004, the far-right turnout might have been lower, and Kerry might be president.

With all my heart, I'm thrilled that you all can get married in Calif--in particular, you Andrea and Aida. And of course I understand why waiting some more, after all the years we've waited, is not an attractive option.

I just hope, hope, hope that (1) the anti-gay-marriage proposition on California's November ballot doesn't bring out enough of the far-right to cause damage; (2) that the right doesn't manage to parlay this ruling into enough fund raising to help McCain beat Obama; and (3) that the rhetoric won't get too ugly.

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe this is the exactly right time, rather than December, after the elections. I sure hope I'm wrong!

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