Friday, May 16, 2008

WC: Gay Marriage News: Oy

I don't mean to sound ungrateful. After all, it's great news that the California Supreme Court overturned the gay marriage ban in California.

But did they have to do it now? During the run-up to a presidential election?

Couldn't they wait til December?

I've been out of the closet for almost 31 years, and for years--decades--I've been able to listen to anti-gay rhetoric without letting it affect me too much emotionally. Til recently.

Perhaps it's because I'm just going through an emotional time, or perhaps it's because I know a 14-year-old who is just coming out of the closet, bless her courageous little heart, but my sensitivity to anti-gay slurs and bullshit is at an all-time-high. I also find myself angrily counting gay characters in the movies and shows I see. (Hmm, zero, zero, one, zero, zero, kinda one, zero--you get it.)

Because of this ruling, it's likely that the anti-gay bullshit is going to go sky-high again. And even our "liberal leaders," Obama and Clinton, are against gay marriage (and Clinton's husband signed an anti-gay-marriage bill while in office). They're willing to give us separate-but-unequal domestic partnerships, which I suppose is the middle of the bus rather than the back of the bus. Of course this stand probably represents their desire for votes, rather than their actual beliefs, but it's very depressing anyway.

I'm so tired of being a political football. And I don't want that 14-year-old hurt by hatred during this tender time in her life.

But this Cal Supreme Court ruling is going to put gay issues front and center in the political news, and the nasty right is going to have a lot of fun.

I know I should just be happy about this. But couldn't they wait?

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