Thursday, November 8, 2007

WC: The Thing About Hillary . . .

I wish I liked Hillary Clinton, but I don't. The idea of a female president is very attractive, and it would be nice to actually root for the female who might indeed make it to the White House. Again. On her own. Well, you know.

But I'm not rooting for her. I don't believe she ever acts from her heart. I suspect her brain may actually be a impressively large calculator.

This morning NPR had an interesting feature. A reporter tracked down real people mentioned in candidates' speeches to ask how they felt about being referred to--used?--in that way.

One of the stories was roughly as follows: Hillary and her entourage had stopped in some famous restaurant, and Hillary and the waitress had talked about the waitress's life. The waitress, a single mom, has worked two or three jobs at a time for most of her life, and she's tired.

At Hillary's next stop, the waitress was now part of Hillary's speech. "I just met this woman," said Hillary, in that grating voice of hers, and then she spoke of how single mothers like this waitress need help.

When NPR interviewed the waitress, she said she didn't mind that Hillary had used her life for a campaign speech. The reporter then asked the waitress if she thought that Hillary "got it" about the reality of the waitress's life. The waitress said no. She explained that Hillary and her group had gotten their meal for free and then had left without leaving a tip.

I suppose it's possible Hillary doesn't take care of such things and some lackey messed up. I suppose it's possible that Bill or Barak or Rudy or even Mother Teresa might have forgotten to leave a tip. But it still strikes me as an unfortunately revealing story.

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