Wednesday, November 7, 2007

HC: Ooh, I think I want this...

Do any of you know about the "Big Screen" video eyewear for an iPod? I just found it in my Brookstone catalogue...AND I WANT ONE.

Here's what the catalogue says, "Transform your video into a private, virtual 62" movie theatre, anytime, anywhere with Vuzix Video Eyewear. Plug the Video Eyewear into your DVD player, iPod, media player or game system to experience movies and games on the big screen--the virtual equivalent of a 62" display viewed at 9 ft. Two high-resolution VGA LCDs support 2D/3D viewing. Works with any video output device. Rechargeable battery lasts approx. 5 hours."

This thing looks like the glasses LeVar Burton wore on Star Trek...they're way cool, but I wonder how they'll work with my glasses? If I got these, and they worked at all, I'd have to rewatch every movie I love (no hardship there) and I'd never leave the house again. It would be like my dream, when I was a kid, of watching movies on my eyelids.

I've done a little research online but can't find any reviews of the product. In the catalogue it's $349.95, but I did find it cheaper somewhere online.

If I were a kid now, I would never leave the house. I'd be doing research all day, hunting down treasures on, with various things plugged into my eyes and ears. I'd never meet my husband, and I'd never have my kids. Perhaps because I know what kind of an entertainment addict I could have been--or BE, if I get that fab new Video Eyewear--I do restrict my own kid's time on the computer and television and iPods, but I sometimes worry about the world.

I'm officially middle-aged, and looking back on the happier days of youth, when we played Monopoly and made deals to trade Ventnor and St. Charles for Park Place and a railroad, instead of sitting on a couch and killing things on an X-Box. I guess it's just a different form of play for kids, but I admit that I miss the old days sometimes...and I guess I'll happily drown my longing for the old days by sending away for my brand new Vuzix Video Eyewear. If I like 'em, I'll keep 'em. And you'll never see or hear from me again.

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