Monday, September 1, 2008

WC: Cynicism vs. Class

Andrea, "The Pain of Progress" is a great title that sums things up very very nicely.

And now it turns out that Palin's daughter hasn't exactly been abstinent, and Obama has called the topic off-limits. Obama is right, and gracious, and classy.

But could you imagine if it had been Chelsea? Could you imagine what Fox "News" would have had to say about that? The far right would have managed to make that story last many news cycles and overshadow Hillary's accomplishments, just as they made the notorious blow job overshadow Bill's.

I'm glad to be on the side of the person with ethics. But I have to wonder, in a little tiny voice, if maybe Dems need to play hardball too? I mean, it's kind of tiring voting for the ethical people who lose, you know?

But I still think Obama is handling this the right way.



The Write Bunch said...

I confess, I posted a small bit that linked to the reuter's news story about Bristol's pregnancy. I also posted a link to a story about a new study's (2005) results that teenage pregnancy is on the rise for the first time in over a decade.

I deleted the post after I read the Obama story. I want to be worthy of the very things I write about. He spoke eloquently about taking the high road throughout the campaign. He spoke strongly today about the true sanctity of the family.

That said, Aida and I were talking about that and she said that it sounded like Bristol is sure acting out. I can think of other young girls in our current administration who have similar issues.

And I suppose I'd feel a little better about this sort of thing if the GOP didn't parade themselves as the keepers of morality. You just can't have it both ways, although they're sure trying.


Anonymous said...

Whatever I think about Palin's suitability as VP, mother of the year, or Alaska's governor, I believe daughter Bristol is going to need a whole lot of compassion.

I expect she did learn that abstinence is the only moral form of birth control. And now, in front of the entire global, political, religious world, she is going to have to marry the baby's daddy in a tacit shotgun wedding. What if she doesn't love the guy? Or, doesn't want to get married? Or, she does love the guy but wasn't planning on getting married yet? Or, she's madly in love with him but dammit she's only 17!

Mom's political career is about to impact Bristol's life in an incredibly painful way (think Letterman, Leno, and even our most beloved Jon Stewart) that I'm sure Bristol wasn't thinking of in her moments of passion. Talk about a life changing event.