Monday, September 1, 2008

WC: And Yet . . .

I agree with everything that AV said below about tokenism and how Palin is pathetically underqualified. And yet . . .

The fact that someone is being chosen just because she's a woman is still progress. Compare her to Dan Quayle. They're both terrible choices in terms of their ability to govern. They're both laughable. I knew JFK, and neither of them is JFK. But, if we can have a stupid, incompetent, embarrassing male VP nominee, why not a stupid, incompetent, embarrassing female one?

Tokenism is a step--an annoying one, but a step. I've been a token many times. When I had my column, it was often the only thing remotely female-oriented in sleazy gay-male-sex-oriented publications. Was it infuriating? Yeah. But it was also an opportunity. I got my point of view out. Maybe someone listened. And when the checks arrived, I cashed them with only a whiff of rue.

Palin is also a token in terms of her being of the far right. That part's frightening, because she may well pull in votes for being mega-conservative. But, even there, they still picked a reprehensible female.

I know this is a perverted view of progress in many ways, but it's also a realistic one. Politics will always be politics, and cynicism will frequently reign. Why shouldn't women get to play that game too?

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Patricia said...

Those who underestimate this woman are making a big mistake. I was surprised when McCain selected her, I guess simply because she's a woman, but I'm a somewhat familiar with her, being the political junkie that I am. And trust me, she's a very smart and very competent lady. I think the vp debate is on Oct. 2 and I really think she's going to surprise a lot of people. Just based on some interviews that I heard her give previously, she's incredibly quick and articulate. I don't think Joe Biden is a match for her. Unlike Obama, this girl does not have a teleprompter dependency.