Friday, June 26, 2009

WC: Michael Jackson, Idol?

It seems to me probable that Michael Jackson was a child molester. He was acquitted in a court of law, yes, but he also paid tens of millions of dollars to make other accusations go away. I imagine the children he molested must feel very lonely and furious today as they see their molester extolled as an idol and an icon.

In our society, it is often seen as rude to speak ill of the dead. And the idea that someone is innocent til proven guilty is profoundly important. And all the celebrities who are celebrating his life may have genuinely loved him.

But I'd like to ask them one question: Would they have left their children alone with him?

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Nancy said...

A couple of thoughts . . . How many of our brilliant and creative entertainers/sports figures/ producers/writers would I trust with my small grandchildren OR with these same grandchildren as young adults?

And. . . . Where is the media attention for Farrah Fawcett who courageously tried to bring attention to one of the unspoken cancers - anal cancer - is a gracious and thoughful manner. Her bad luck to have died on the same day as MJ.