Tuesday, February 3, 2009

WC: Jane Fonda's Blog

Jane Fonda is keeping a rather interesting blog about being in 33 Variations, due to open on Broadway shortly. I particularly enjoyed this:

But here’s the thing: Looking at these more realistic, unadorned photos of myself, I had to take a deep breath, and with humor and acceptance, allow myself to acknowledge, I mean really allow the truth in– I am old. I am matronly. I asked one of my co-stars, “How come bags under Vanessa Redgrave’s eyes look noble and under mine they look like crap?” “Because she’s British,” he replied.


The Write Bunch said...

HC: Ha! That's funny, too, because British Maggie Smith once complained about the bags under her own eyes looking bad, and the bags under French Jeanne Moreau's eyes looking beautiful.

Wendy Caster said...

WC: I wonder if Jeanne Moreau ever envied the bags under Jane Fonda's eyes?

The Write Bunch said...

HC: That would make it a perfect circle, wouldn't it? I guess the simple truth must be that what you can't stand on your own face doesn't bother you on someone else's!