Saturday, August 23, 2008

AV: Joe!

Obama picks Joe Biden for VP.

Among all the current noise (and sure to be more), hop on over to the Huffington Post (Ariana!!) and read this lovely little missive to Mr. B. from a regular sort of gal.

She calls it "Joe, let's talk"

BTW, does anyone else remember watching ol' Joe during the Watergate hearings ... when he still had hair?

(I am soooo glad it wasn't Bayh ...)


Patricia said...

I don't see how Biden will help the ticket. He got less than 10,000 votes total in the primaries. Hillary got 18 million!!! If Obama had just swallowed his pride and chosen Hillary, the whole landscape of the election would have changed instantly. Wall Street would be in a panic today! If Obama's poor performance at Saddleback is any indicator of how things will go in the upcoming debates, look out...

Madame Hillary is smiling.

The Write Bunch said...

HC: What if McCain wins? How many of us are going to fall into a very deep depression.