Monday, March 10, 2008

WC: Oy

It turns out that I have not one, but two seven-hour layovers. One in Nairobi and one in Amsterdam (okay, the Amsterdam one is only about 6 and a half hours). The latter will at least have climate control and probably nicer bathrooms.

I'm so glad to be coming home, but saying goodbye to the Indian Ocean will be sad. And last night was probably my last look at some of those gazillion stars.

But I won't miss the heat and humidity!!!! I'm in an air-conditioned room as I write this, sweat streaming down my face. And I'm not even having a hot flash (at the moment).

What an amazing experience this has all been. A+.

But I wanna be home!

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Anonymous said...

Well, Wendy, for the last few days I had been holding aside the possibility that you'd been gored by a wildebeast or something, and remembering instead how incredibly zoned out one feels on returning from trips to such far away places. Then this evening I remembered, and have had such a great time reading about your adventures. But of course you've left me wanting more, so when you're feeling up to it, how about some post-trip observations on your travels?
Affectionately, Kathy Condon